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Daycare/Boarding Veterinary | Charlotte, NC

Overnight Boarding Services for your Pets

Cat Boarding | Charlotte, NC VeterinaryCat Boarding: $24.00 per night

We have special “kitty condos” designed with perches and openings to climb through. Cats board in a separate, quiet area away from the dogs boarding & have a viewing window to the outside and a fish tank to capture their attention.

At CAMP CVMH all of our kitties in board are provided:

* Warm beds * Cat nip toys * Scratching posts (if they have their claws) *Towers to hide or play in * Dry or canned Purina EN food by preference

Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding |Charlotte, NC VeterinaryDrop-Off and Pick-up from 7:30am till 6pm
Monday through Friday

All dogs stay in an indoor climate controlled environment with indoor / outdoor play areas

* A Raised cot * Warm bed * Ample playtime and tons of love & individualized attention * Dry or Canned Purina EN food by preference

Our CVMH family strives for personalized attention, comfort, and a stress free environment for each and every pet. We specialize in accommodating elderly pets, pets with diabetes and requiring insulin, pet’s requiring allergy injections, and nervous pets. When your pet boards at CVMH they are part of our family.

Dogs <40lbs: $30.00 per night

Dogs 41-80lbs : $34.00 per night

Dogs >80lbs: $38.00 per night

Daycare Packages

Dog Weight lbs. One Day Pass Five Day Pass
*Save $5 ($1 a day!)
Ten Day Pass
*Save $20 Total ($2 a day!)
Twenty Day Pass
*Save $60 Total ($3 a day!)
Fifty Day Pass
*Save $200 Total ($4 a day!)
<40 $14 $70
(After Discount $65)
(After Discount $120)
(After Discount $220)
(After Discount $500)
41-80 $16 $80
(After Discount $75)
(After Discount $140)
(After Discount $260)
(After Discount $600)
>81 $18 $90
(After Discount $85)
(After Discount $160)
(After Discount $300)
(After Discount $700)